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Next Step Test Prep Partnering with Dr. Ryan Gray for Medical School Admissions Consulting

  • by Allison Chae
  • Feb 20, 2019
  • MCAT Blog, Med School Admissions

You’ve trusted Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) to get you as prepared for the MCAT as you could possibly be. Over the years we’ve received many questions surrounding medical school admissions, and we realized this was an area many of our students needed assistance with. In our search for the best admissions partner, we knew we wanted to find someone with the background, knowledge, and skills necessary to help transition stellar pre-meds into competitive medical school applicants.

As a former U.S. Airforce Flight Surgeon and the founder of the renowned Medical School Headquarters, Dr. Ryan Gray is revered in the medical school community. A celebrity in his own right, Dr. Gray has helped thousands of pre-med students achieve their med school dreams through his collection of books, award-winning podcasts, advising, and so much more. Next Step MCAT instructors are fortunate to be frequent guests on his shows, but now we are also excited to be partnering with Dr. Gray to offer unbeatable admissions consulting.

Dr. Gray has worked with our team of med school experts over the last several months to put together a selection of highly effective preparation packages to help you heighten your acceptance opportunities. Medical school applications can be overwhelming even for the most prepared and organized applicants. The sheer amount of required information is staggering. Attempting to gather everything necessary while also understanding how to strengthen the application to make the applicant appear well-rounded and desirable is difficult without some assistance. Additionally, thousands of applicants vying for only hundreds of seats each year; your medical school application needs a personal touch to stand out amongst a sea of high-achievers.

The Blueprint MCAT Prep Admissions Consulting Packages were designed to fit the needs of every applicant.
The Primary Applications Package will take your primary application from the planning stages to perfection and better your chances of receiving secondary applications. The Secondaries Applications Package tackles the dreaded secondary applications, while our Interview Packages then diligently prep you to walk into your med school interviews with confidence after intensive mock interviews. For the student that wants all of the above and then some, the Comprehensive Admissions Package gives you support from the very beginning all the way to choosing the final school for you, plus negotiating financial aid packages. Next Step Med Admissions is your one-stop resource to help you along the entire journey.

From selective portions of the admissions process to full comprehensive packages, Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) is here to help you with the stressful and grueling med admissions process – every step of the way. We weren’t content with just helping you get a high MCAT score—we want to get you into med school. If you’re interested in learning more about our new Med School Admissions Consulting, or to find out which package would be best for you and your needs, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our Student Success Team.