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Med School Admissions Webinar Recording

  • by Allison Chae
  • May 15, 2014
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Bryan Schendeker, Next Step’s MCAT Director, conducted this webinar to give an in-depth overview of the MCAT. You can check out the recording of this webinar below.

The MCAT is a huge piece of your application and should not be taken lightly. This exam is more important to med school than the SAT is to your undergraduate school. In this webinar, Bryan discusses what the MCAT is testing and why admissions boards value it so highly. He explains how the MCAT is scored and what score you should be aiming for. He then discusses what is on the test with a brief breakdown of the sections.

Bryan goes over MCAT preparation and what you should be doing. Your prep timeline relies very heavily on how much you need to raise your score; this is why it is so highly recommended that you take a diagnostic exam prior to beginning your prep work. Bryan also stresses the need to take practice MCATs. Our free MCAT practice bundle contains a half-length diagnostic to gauge your readiness as well as access to our first full-length exam. It is important that you know where you are now before you can begin preparing for the MCAT.

Bryan believes that the MCAT is not a science exam, but a reading test. Content review is important to build your subject knowledge, but what skills should you be building? He also discusses how many times you should take the MCAT and what the ideal prep calendar looks like. Check out the recording of this webinar below to see what you’re up against.

We have partnered with many different professionals and experts to bring you information that is not only relevant but accurate. Our goal at Next Step is to make sure that you have the resources needed to prepare for the MCAT and your future career. We have several practice test bundles, including a free practice bundle, as well as one-on-one MCAT tutoring services and a new online MCAT course. If you utilize our tutoring services or enroll in our course, you will receive customized plans that work at your pace and focus on the areas where you need to improve the most. What works for some may not work for all, so we are doing away with the cookie cutter approach and making sure that your study plan works for you.


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