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Is Business School Worth It?

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An MBA degree significantly adds to your academic credentials, enables you to qualify for high-paying jobs, and helps you achieve both your personal and professional goals. Considering the time, money, and effort you will spend on applying and going to business school, it’s important that you ask yourself, “Is business school really worth it?”

Applying to Business School

Business school requires a huge commitment of time and money. If you decide to pursue a full-time business program, you will have to quit your job and give up two years worth of salary. On the other hand, if you still want to keep your job, you will have to attend a part-time business school program, in which you will be taking night classes for longer than 3 years.

The business school application process is a long and tedious journey, which involves taking the GMAT or GRE, filling out applications, writing admissions essays, gathering letters of recommendation, polishing your resume, attending interviews, and choosing the right MBA program. If you get in, congratulations! However, this is where the real work begins…

Advantages of Going to Business School

There are definitely benefits of business school, and no doubt that an MBA degree will improve your career. Business school can be a way to rebrand yourself, switch careers, or jump further ahead in your current profession. It can also help you expand your knowledge about the business world and vastly expand your professional network. Attending business school provides very extensive business and management training by which you will discover business contacts and create many long-term, meaningful professional relationships.

Needless to say, acquiring a business degree can elevate your career. Whether you plan to work for the biggest multinational company on Wall Street or create your own start up, the right business school will prepare you to best tackle the challenges ahead.

Disadvantage of Going to Business School

Of course, all the aforementioned benefits come at a cost. If you decide to attend a full-time MBA program, you are giving up two years of salary in addition to paying two years of tuition, living, and studying expenses. It’s true that MBA hiring is quickly on the rise and that a higher post-graduate degree salary is almost a guarantee, but while in school, you will have to face the reality of being broke, drowned with debt, and having lost two years of income.

While you are still in your planning phase, make sure to look at the bigger picture and consider your future, rather than giving in to what you think you want now. If you decide that applying to business school is in fact worth it for you, setup a consultation with an InGenius Prepbusiness school admissions expert.

This article was written by a business school admissions expert from InGenius Prep.


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