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PCAT Math Boot Camp – December 2019
What math do you need to know for the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section? The section is comprised of 48 questions covering different areas of math you’ve picked up in high school and college. If you’re feeling a little rusty in some areas, or simply want an overall review, get a crash course in PCAT math READ MORE
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December 2018 PCAT Super Review – Protein Synthesis
Many students find the complexities of Protein Synthesis/Transcription/Translation to be…well…complex. Yet, when it comes to the PCAT, DNA and all its intricacies are an important topic. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step Test Prep’s top instructors led this session covering all aspects of the process following DNA to RNA to proteins. Hawkins scored in the READ MORE
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PCAT Application Workshop – November 2018
Are you thinking about attending Pharmacy School? If so, you don’t want to miss this. One of Next Step Test Prep’s top instructors, Phil Hawkins, discussed the ins and outs of the pharmacy school application, including requirements, guidelines, personal statement tips and tricks, and how your PCAT score plays into all this. Hawkins scored in READ MORE
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PCAT Acid Base Chemistry and Solubility – October 2018
Whether you’re deep into your PCAT preparation or just starting to plan, it’s likely that you feel more apprehensive about certain topics than others. Within general chemistry, for example, two of the toughest topics are acid-base chemistry and solubility. Buffers, titrations, molar solubility…these concepts can make even the most experienced PCAT student nervous! Phil Hawkin’s, one READ MORE
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PCAT Logs, Units, & Graphs – September 2018
Quantitative Reasoning is one of the PCAT’s five sections covering a broad spectrum of mathematical concepts. Phil Hawkin’s, one of Next Step Test Preparation’s most experienced instructors, reviewed logarithms, units, graphs, and data interpretation as they pertain to the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section. Students were able to ask their questions in real time during this READ MORE
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PCAT Build Your Own Study Plan – September 2018
Registration for the 2018 PCAT season just opened, which means you’ll want to develop an effective study plan to guide you through the weeks—and months—ahead. This includes diagnostic and practice tests in addition to content review and strategies. In this session, one of Next Step Test Prep’s top PCAT instructors, Phil Hawkins, showed how to READ MORE
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PCAT Diagnostic Review – August 2018
One of the most influential pieces of your PCAT prep is your diagnostic exam. It is one of the very first things you should complete when getting started with the PCAT exam. One of the next things you should do is thoroughly review your results – something you should do for every PCAT practice test READ MORE
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July 2018 PCAT Seminar
The PCAT exam is an important piece of your pharmacy school application, and should not be taken lightly.  Understanding the exam is just as important as understanding the content being tested, which is why we decided to take an in-depth look at the PCAT. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step’s top PCAT instructors, led attendees through READ MORE