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Metabolism Workshop—August 2020
Do you wonder how the human body gets the energy needed to function? Looking for a scientific explanation as to why we're all packing on the pounds during quarantine? Ever want to discuss alcohol at great lengths with a biologist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or you simply want to brush up on your phosphate pathways, our metabolism content session is for you! Watch Blueprint's resident MCAT expert, Phil Hawkins, in this 2-hour MCAT study... READ MORE
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Electrostatics and Magnetism-August 2020
Need help with electrostatics and magnetism for the MCAT? You’ve come to the right place! Join Blueprint’s resident MCAT expert, Phil Hawkins, as he jumps into the world of electrostatics and magnetism! Whether you’re attracted to this subject or vehemently repelled, the potential for learning here is positively out of this world. Charge, electric fields, READ MORE
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Fluid Dynamics-August 2020
Fluid dynamic is a favorite MCAT topic with the folks at the AAMC. In a nutshell, fluid dynamics is all about the movement of liquids and gases. Join us for this free fluid dynamics workshop, hosted by Blueprint MCAT’s very own MCAT expert Phil Hawkins! Pressure, hydrostatics, buoyancy, and more—it’s all fair game for this READ MORE
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Retaking the MCAT – July 2020
It's that time again. We're nearly done with the 2020 MCAT testing cycle and with so many scores back, students are wondering if they should retake the MCAT. Phil Hawkins explains who should retake and how to do it correctly. READ MORE
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Light and Sound – July 2020
Physics is an MCAT topic that students tend to stress about, and for good reason! Join our instructor, Phil Hawkins, in this free Physics of Light and Sound session! READ MORE
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Acids and Bases June 2020
Equilibrium, titrations, practice passages, and more! Join our Blueprint MCAT experts as they cover the basics (ha!) and some of the more advanced aspects of everyone’s favorite chem topic! Watch the webinar below and download the slides here.   This session was an example of what our MCAT students experience almost daily. Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next READ MORE
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Amino Acids – June 2020
Amino acids are one of the more heavily tested biochem concepts on the MCAT and students are expected to know a little something about all twenty. Blueprint’s MCAT expert Phil Hawkins goes over the basics of amino acids as well as strategies to approach them on the MCAT. Watch the webinar below and download the READ MORE
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Metabolism – June 2020
Anabolism builds things up, catabolism breaks them down—don’t let the MCAT catabolize you! If that sentence didn’t make much sense (or even if it did), watch our free Metablosim session with Blueprint MCAT instructor Phil Hawkins! Phil takes students through the basics of metabolism and even goes over some practice problems similar to what you READ MORE