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Biology and Biochem Workshop — February 2021
Aren't all MCAT students supposed to be great at biology and biochemistry? Yes, but no. Watch this free biochemistry workshop hosted by a Blueprint MCAT instructor to brush up on this tricky topic. READ MORE
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The Best MCAT Strategies with Dr. Ryan Gray and Blueprint MCAT
Find out what the best MCAT strategies are in this session with Dr. Ryan Gray of Medical School HQ and Blueprint MCAT Live Online Instructor Joya. READ MORE
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CARS Workshop – October 2020
The CARS section should be the easiest section on the MCAT, right? All the answers are right there in the passage, staring you in the face — it’s practically an open book test at that point! So why do so many students struggle with this frustrating section on the exam? Find out the best ways READ MORE
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Psychology and Sociology Section Strategy Session – October 2020
What does it take to do well on the Psychology and Sociology section on the MCAT? How can you best prep for the Psych/Soc section? Is it really just a giant memorization section? Will all this MCAT stress come out in therapy 20 years from now? Find out the answers to these questions and more READ MORE
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How Gap Years Affect Admissions – October 2020
Find out how Christine Crispen, former Director of Admissions of UCI School of Medicine and a member of the Blueprint MCAT Pre-Med Advisory Council, anticipates admissions committees will consider COVID-19 gap years and what you can do during yours to make your 2021 medical school application stronger! READ MORE
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MCAT Study Strategies – September 2020
It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the MCAT content you need to know. Check out this video with our MCAT experts to discover some new MCAT study strategies! READ MORE
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Secrets to a 99th-Percentile MCAT Score-September 2020
How hard is it to get a high MCAT score? Hard, but not impossible! Our MCAT expert Phil Hawkins is showing you how to get a 99th-percentile MCAT score! READ MORE
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Intro to the MCAT – September 2020
New semester, who dis? While 2020’s testing cycle might be winding to a close, those 2021 January dates are just around the corner. Join Blueprint’s resident MCAT expert, Phil Hawkins, for an in-depth look at the dreaded MCAT, what you can expect to encounter, and some best practices on how to prep for it. Whether READ MORE