Blueprint MCAT Blog: Chemical Processes

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PCAT Acid Base Chemistry and Solubility – October 2018
Whether you’re deep into your PCAT preparation or just starting to plan, it’s likely that you feel more apprehensive about certain topics than others. Within general chemistry, for example, two of the toughest topics are acid-base chemistry and solubility. Buffers, titrations, molar solubility…these concepts can make even the most experienced PCAT student nervous! Phil Hawkin’s, one READ MORE
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April PCAT Super Review – Chemistry
This live-online Super Review covered PCAT Chemistry, particularly acid-base chemistry and solubility. Sophia Stone, Next Step Test Prep’s top PCAT instructor and PCAT Course Director, led this free webinar session. She introduced some general chemistry study strategies before diving into the more complicated, high-yield chemistry topics covered during this session. Just getting started with the PCAT READ MORE