Blueprint MCAT Blog: Biological Processes

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December 2018 PCAT Super Review – Protein Synthesis
Many students find the complexities of Protein Synthesis/Transcription/Translation to be…well…complex. Yet, when it comes to the PCAT, DNA and all its intricacies are an important topic. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step Test Prep’s top instructors led this session covering all aspects of the process following DNA to RNA to proteins. Hawkins scored in the READ MORE
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PCAT Biology – Commonly Confused Terms in Genetics
by Andrew Dombrowski Genetics is core to biology, because it is the field that describes how traits are inherited from parents to offspring and how those traits are expressed. For that reason, a solid understanding of genetics provides a good foundation for PCAT biology in general. However, when studying genetics, it is easy to get READ MORE
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Why Is Gluconeogenesis Not Just Glycolysis in Reverse?
Glycolysis is widely understood to be one of the most important metabolic pathways to study for the exam, but students often have difficulty studying gluconeogenesis in parallel to glycolysis. On a certain level, it can be tempting to think of gluconeogenesis as the reverse of glycolysis, because glycolysis breaks down glucose into two pyruvate molecules READ MORE