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How to Retake the PCAT
Nobody plans for it to happen, so what should you do if you find yourself faced with retaking the PCAT? The Pharmacy College Admissions Test measures the skills and abilities required to succeed in pharmacy by examining your knowledge of pre-pharmacy subjects. The PCAT serves as an important factor in your pharmacy school admission, though READ MORE
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Free Pharmacy-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards
If you’re a pharmacy student (or any pre-health student, for that matter), you probably know a little bit about the heart. It’s an important organ, and apparently there are many keys to it, depending on the person. If one of those keys is laughter, then our pharmacy-themed Valentine’s Day cards will definitely earn you some READ MORE
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8 Considerations When Choosing a Pharmacy School
You’ll have countless considerations as you’re choosing a pharmacy school. Beyond pretty campuses and exciting locations, you’ll want to find the best place to invest your educational resources. That is, the school that will give you the best return on your investment and the one that will help you effectively launch your pharmacy career. READ MORE
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Merry Christmas from Next Step Test Prep!
You’ve made it through another semester of school. Now it’s time to put down the pencils, close the laptops, and pass the eggnog. Cue the Mariah Carey Holiday playlist on Spotify. From all of us at Next Step Test Prep, we wish the future pharmacists of the world a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We READ MORE
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PCAT Math Boot Camp – December 2019
What math do you need to know for the PCAT Quantitative Reasoning section? The section is comprised of 48 questions covering different areas of math you’ve picked up in high school and college. If you’re feeling a little rusty in some areas, or simply want an overall review, get a crash course in PCAT math READ MORE
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Sign-Up for the New 2019 PCAT Dates!
The AACP (that is, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, for the uninitiated) just announced new PCAT dates for the month of April. In addition to the testing windows in January and February, the PCAT will now also be administered April 2-3, 2019. However, you’ll have to act quickly. Registration opens on December 20 READ MORE
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December 2018 PCAT Super Review – Protein Synthesis
Many students find the complexities of Protein Synthesis/Transcription/Translation to be…well…complex. Yet, when it comes to the PCAT, DNA and all its intricacies are an important topic. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step Test Prep’s top instructors led this session covering all aspects of the process following DNA to RNA to proteins. Hawkins scored in the READ MORE
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The Next Step Guide to Acing Your Pharmacy School Interview
You’ve studied for the PCAT, got your high score (and if not, let’s start prepping), and turned in your application. Now, it’s time for the next stop on your journey to pharmacy school: the interview. “For some of you, this may bring back memories of awkward job interviews, while for others this may be your READ MORE