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How to Stay Motivated During MCAT Prep
Need some MCAT motivation? Read more for our best tips for how to stay motivated during your MCAT prep. READ MORE
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How Much Does It Cost To Apply To Medical School?
It’s almost Halloween, so it’s only fitting that we discuss a topic that sends a chill down some people’s spines: finances. Today, we’re focusing on the costs of applying to medical school. It’s common knowledge that medical school itself is expensive, but many overlook how financially straining the application process can be too. From registering READ MORE
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Stress Management for the MCAT 
With a heavy course load, volunteering, shadowing, and MCAT prep, pre-meds can easily become victims of chronic stress. Discover proven stress management strategies for the MCAT from someone who has been in your shoes! READ MORE
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7 Pre-Med Summer Activities To Do Despite COVID-19
While Summer 2020 might look different, you can still spend the next three or so months improving your medical school application or investing in your personal growth. We’ve compiled a list of pre-med summer activities you can do despite the COVID-19 shutdown.  READ MORE
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What to Ask Your Pre-Med Advisor
Don't be intimidated by your pre-med advisor. We put together a list of questions to ask them to help you build a relationship with them and get through the med school admissions process. READ MORE
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What College Classes will Help You on the MCAT?
With the forthcoming Medical College Admission Test looming over you, it should bring you some relief to know there absolutely are college classes that can help you with some of the subjects on the exam. READ MORE