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How to Get Into Medical School: Road to Medical School Series
Blueprint MCAT Road to Medical School Series Quick Links 1. Freshman Year 2. Sophomore Year 3. Junior Year No one said the path to becoming a doctor was easy. Between keeping a stellar undergrad GPA, a mountain of extracurriculars, the MCAT, and equally-as-passionate peers, the competitive medical school process can make some students feel disillusioned—especially READ MORE
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Surviving (and Thriving) After the MCAT
Writen by: Jamie L, Blueprint MCAT tutor. It’s finally over: you’ve taken your MCAT. Your flashcard streak lapses, your MCAT study schedule is blank, and you’re no longer spending hours reading internet posts on ways to improve your CARS timing. After the MCAT, it seems like the hard part is finally over, but for many, it has just begun.  READ MORE
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7 Habits of Highly-Effective Premeds
Successful people, from CEOs and tech giants to doctors, tend to emulate similar traits. They are all focused, determined, and always seem to know what their next move is.  After some lengthy research, we think we’ve discovered what helps them thrive and we’ve adapted those tricks into pre-med advice you can use! As a college READ MORE
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Top 3 MCAT Mental Health Tips
You should never sacrifice your mental health for a high MCAT score. Check out this article for the best MCAT mental health tips for premeds. READ MORE
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How To Tackle MCAT Prep With a Growth Mindset
There's a lot of discussion around "growth mindsets" but what is a growth mindset? We explain what it is, it's difference between a fixed mindset, and how you can use a growth mindset during your MCAT prep. READ MORE
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How to Apply for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program
The cost of becoming a doctor is enough to give anyone premature ventricular contractions. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) aims to alleviate the cost of applying to medical school with the AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP). Recipients of the FAP are awarded a plethora of benefits and resources at a free or reduced READ MORE
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How to Stay Motivated During MCAT Prep
Need some MCAT motivation? Read more for our best tips for how to stay motivated during your MCAT prep. READ MORE
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How Much Does It Cost To Apply To Medical School?
It’s almost Halloween, so it’s only fitting that we discuss a topic that sends a chill down some people’s spines: finances. Today, we’re focusing on the costs of applying to medical school. It’s common knowledge that medical school itself is expensive, but many overlook how financially straining the application process can be too. From registering READ MORE