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Retaking the MCAT – July 2020
It's that time again. We're nearly done with the 2020 MCAT testing cycle and with so many scores back, students are wondering if they should retake the MCAT. Phil Hawkins explains who should retake and how to do it correctly. READ MORE
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Should You Retake the MCAT?
Sometimes things don't work out the first time around. The MCAT will permit you to take the test again – up to three times a year or seven times in a lifetime. If you have to retake the test, you're not alone. According to data released by the AAMC, thousands of students retake the test every year. Unfortunately, if you don't prepare thoroughly for the second try, you risk getting a score that's the same or lower than your... READ MORE
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5 Basic Tips for Retaking the MCAT
Wondering whether or not you should retake the MCAT? There are several reasons why students might consider retaking the MCAT. For example, you didn’t reach a competitive enough score for your list of target medical schools. Or perhaps an unexpected life event occurred preventing you from being able to fully prepare for the exam. Whatever READ MORE
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Stuck in an MCAT Score Plateau?
I’m stuck! One of the most frustrating things that MCAT students face is the moment when they hit an MCAT score plateau. You work and work and WORK and just can’t seem to break out of a particular MCAT score region. It doesn’t matter how great your MCAT prep course is, sometimes this just happens. READ MORE
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The day after the MCAT, students begin The Dreaded Wait. That interminable 4-6 week period after the MCAT is over but before you get your scores back can feel like years. Once you finally get that email indicating that your test has been scored, you need to ask yourself, “Okay so what does this score READ MORE
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More Free Verbal Reasoning Practice
Let’s ring in the new year with some more free VR practice!   Passage III   The Navy has long had a particular focus on developing non-lethal antipersonnel weapons and a recent one, the electromagnetic personnel interdiction control (EPIC) system, has found a surprising use in medicine in the treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo READ MORE
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The Most Important Part of MCAT Prep
The two biggest factors in MCAT success are social support and a good attitude. Keeping a good attitude seems like one of those nebulous, touchy-feely things that hard headed science students often want to dismiss, but the effect of attitude on outcome is a real, empirically studied phenomenon.   So the question then becomes how READ MORE