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How to Understand the MCAT Periodic Table & Trends
Learn how to predict element properties and efficiently use the periodic table for the MCAT. READ MORE
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Identifying Methodological Flaws in Studies
One of the things that really surprises students about the MCAT is the heavy focus on how experiments are set up and ran. This can really catch a student off-guard, as most undergrad courses don’t really emphasize this. But from the point of view of the AAMC, it’s obvious that they want to test this. In order to be a good doctor, you need to be able to understand the quickly changing research that is coming from our more... READ MORE
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MCAT Chemistry Super Review – September 2018
Struggling with the Chemistry portion on the MCAT? This free webinar session, led by Phil Hawkins, will help give you a better grasp of one chemistry topic that students often worry about: acid-base chemistry, specifically titrations. Titrations are intimidating because they combine a chemistry concept that many students don’t fully understand – acids and bases READ MORE
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Organic Chemistry on the MCAT – Focus on the Fundamentals
Organic chemistry is one of the most common subjects that students identify as a source of anxiety when preparing for the MCAT. However, on average, it will only comprise ~5% of the test: 15% of the Chemical and Physical Foundations section, 5% of the Biological and Biochemical Foundations Section, and 0% of the remaining two READ MORE
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MCAT Chemistry – Solubility Constants and the Common Ion Effect
Of the general chemistry content covered on the MCAT, solubility is notable because it seems simple, but contains some surprises. On one hand, solubility is an accessible topic to anyone who has ever added sugar to their coffee or tea, but on the other hand, there are some formal aspects of how it’s analyzed that READ MORE
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Types of Inhibition: Focus on the Basics
Michaelis-Menten enzyme kinetics, and especially keeping track of the various kinds of reversible enzyme inhibition, is one of the most challenging areas of biochemistry for many MCAT students. It’s extremely easy to get lost in the details of memorizing terminology, types of graphs, x-intercepts, y-intercepts, and so forth – but superficially memorized information is very READ MORE