Blueprint MCAT Blog: MCAT CARS

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CARS Questions and Passages: How to Review
So you’ve finished taking your first practice MCAT exam, and you’re excited to sit down and review it. You cover the science sections first, carefully writing down the concepts you need to revisit and the traps you fell for. Now, all that’s left to do is review CARS. But here, you stop: how exactly should READ MORE
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CARS Strategies: The Pros and Cons of Note-Taking, Highlighting, and Skimming
Whether you’re just beginning to prepare for the MCAT, already immersed in studying, or considering a retake, you’ve probably questioned what CARS strategy would work best for you. While there are quite a few ways to approach a CARS passage, the most common strategies are note-taking, highlighting, and skimming. Of course, every student is different, READ MORE