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Blueprint MCAT Blog: MCAT 2015

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Things to Note About the Latest AAMC Practice Test
As a standardized test, the more data we have, the easier it is to prepare for the exam. With 3 official practice MCATs now available as of October 3, 2016, it is an opportune time to review what we know about this “new” exam. We’ll focus on some important things to note from each section READ MORE
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Advisor Office Hours: The Revised MCAT – Two Years In
Bryan Schnedeker, Next Step’s Vice President for MCAT Content, discusses what we’ve learned about the revised MCAT over its first two years. The revised MCAT is a huge challenge for pre-meds and a powerful tool for admissions committees, but has it lived up to the AAMC’s goals? During this short webinar, Bryan shares the insights READ MORE
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Amino Acids: 3 Question Types You’ll See on the MCAT
If you’ve studied or plan to study for the current MCAT, you’ve quite possibly heard about the huge role amino acids now play in this exam. Possibly the most notable addition to the revamped 2015 MCAT was the requirement of knowledge of amino acid properties, behavior, and abbreviations. Luckily, this topic can be broken down READ MORE
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The Second Scored AAMC MCAT is Out! Now What!?
The AAMC has just doubled the number of official scored practice exams by releasing “Official MCAT Practice Exam 2”. The best way to prep for the MCAT is by working on official AAMC practice materials, so how can you best use this new resource? Check out the guide below for how to structure your prep: READ MORE
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New AAMC Exam! Now What?
New AAMC Exam! Now what? The AAMC just released a new official scored exam for the MCAT. The question facing pre-med students is now: how should I use all of the AAMC’s official resources? Let’s start with a quick run-down on what the AAMC now offers: AAMC MCAT Official Guide The official guide (OG) gives READ MORE
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Doc Talk with Dr. Anthony and Dr. Gray June 2016
Our session with Dr. Anthony and Dr. Gray covered a wide array of topics relating to med school admissions and preparing for the MCAT.  Both doctors also shared stories from their premed and med school days. If you are interested in our free MCAT exam click here. If you are interested in buying more full READ MORE
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Webinar: Scribing and Your Path to Med School
There are many ways to work in the medical field as a premed student. Wouldn’t you prefer to get firsthand experience in the field, prepare for the MCAT and med school, and earn money for your time? PhysAssist Scribes, the oldest company in the industry, can help you. Whether you’re an undergrad or you’re figuring READ MORE