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Are European MBA Programs A Good Fit For You?
Are you applying to business school in 2015? If so, are you including European MBA programs on your target list? Here are three reasons to consider applying to European programs: If you don’t want to spend two years out of the workforce. Most European MBA programs run for 12-18 months, as opposed to the classic READ MORE
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Applying to Business School
When applying to business school, there are certain characteristics and experiences that distinguish and qualify applicants in the business school admissions process. Unlike medical school or law school, there aren’t any so-called “pre-business requirements.” Instead, every business school has a unique set of qualities and characteristics that they look for in an applicant. When applying READ MORE
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Is Business School Worth It?
An MBA degree significantly adds to your academic credentials, enables you to qualify for high-paying jobs, and helps you achieve both your personal and professional goals. Considering the time, money, and effort you will spend on applying and going to business school, it’s important that you ask yourself, “Is business school really worth it?” Applying READ MORE
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5 Ways to Overcome GRE Test Anxiety 
1. Know The Test. Some bad news about the GRE is it tests virtually nothing you learned in college and nothing you will work on in graduate school. So unless you’ve been practicing geometry in college or studying etymology, the GRE is going to take preparation. But there is good news: the GRE only tests READ MORE
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Raise your GMAT Score from 600 to 700
Have you finally hit your 600 goal in your GMAT prep? Or maybe you’ve just taken your first practice test and you’re looking where to go. Chances are that if you are scoring a 600, you have already mastered a couple of strategies. For example, you can probably regularly eliminate 2-3 answers on any given READ MORE
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An Introduction to the GRE Webinar Recording
Rich Carriero, an Academic Manager at Next Step, gives an introduction to the GRE in this webinar; you can watch a recording of this session below. Rich discusses when you should plan to take the GRE and how long you should spend preparing for the exam. He explains how the GRE is scored and what READ MORE
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GRE Math Test-Day Tips
Or — How to manage time on the GRE math section Many students simply do not know how to approach the GRE quantitative section without attempting to solve the problems mathematically.  Although the quantitative section does require some math knowledge, attacking each question mathematically using causes a huge time deficit and the test taker does READ MORE