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Your Personal Statement: How to Make an Impact
by Rich Carriero There’s no denying that GPA and test scores are the most critical elements to being considered for admission to a graduate program or business school.  But once your grades and GRE/GMAT scores are in the competitive range and you have an admissions committee’s attention, the personal statement is one of the key READ MORE
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Retaking the GMAT? Major Considerations For Any Retake
The GMAT is a difficult exam and you may not get the score you want on the first try. If you’re thinking about a retake, there are a lot of factors you should be considering. This webinar discusses 6 of the major factors you should consider before retaking the exam. Rich Carriero, one of our READ MORE
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4 Key Traits Top MBA Schools Look for in an Applicant
by Hannah Smith Getting into a top business school can result in great payoffs after graduation. Promotions, salary raises, an expanded network, new opportunities, and a completely different skillset are all benefits of getting your MBA. But getting into top programs is hard. Acceptance rates at these top schools can be very low; it’s only READ MORE
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Do You Have An Upcoming MBA Video Essay?
There is a growing trend in business school applications that is taking some students by surprise: a video essay. Many MBA programs are now using video interviews or video essays, which are essentially an on-camera combination of a live interview and written essay. Students who encounter the video interview will be given a pre-recorded prompt READ MORE
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4 Ways to Overcome a Low GMAT Score When Applying to Business School
by Hannah Smith Your GMAT score plays a critical role in the MBA or EMBA admissions process. With varying undergraduate institutions, majors, and school grading systems, the GMAT is the one piece of your application that can be completely standardized. But not all students are great test takers, so how exactly can you overcome a READ MORE
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Test Prep for the Health Profession: GRE and MCAT
If you are pursuing a career in the health professions, you will have to face either the GRE or the MCAT at some point in your journey. This webinar session will discuss each of these tests in depth. This session will go over the structure of each test. You will learn about each section of READ MORE
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Grad School 101 Webinar Recording
If you were unable to join us for the this webinar check out the recording below. Dr. Don Martin of Grad School Road Map for this overview of what it takes to get into grad school. Dr. Martin goes on to dispel some common myths about grad school and show you exactly what it takes READ MORE
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The 5-P’s of a Perfect Business School Interview
As a former Associate Director of a business masters program at Duke who also got his MBA there, I’ve learned over the years what distinguishes an average b-school interviewer from an exceptional one. While most applicants understand that they need to prepare for an interview, it’s how they do so that often leads to less READ MORE