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Blueprint and Sketchy Have Teamed Up

Blueprint MCAT, the leader in MCAT prep, has joined forces with Sketchy, the test prep resource beloved by medical students that’s now taking diving into the MCAT world.

 The MCAT is a beast, and preparing for it is so challenging that there’s a massive ecosystem of products, resources, and just about everything else under the sun that’s been created to help students slay it and raise their MCAT scores. Blueprint MCAT practice exams (formerly Next Step) have been a significant part of the prep process for thousands of students thanks to our commitment to keeping them up to date and as close to the real thing as possible.

Our exams come with access to 1600+ MCAT flashcards and our one-of-a-kind Study Planner —and we’ve traditionally sold exams in stand-alone packages as well as components of our Online & Live Online Courses.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re giving exam students the option to add a unique new MCAT study resource to their study plan and integrate with their exam practice schedule and exam performance review: Introducing the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle, a powerful package that allows you to diagnose your weaknesses, target them with surgical precision, and attack them with research-backed methods.

Who is Sketchy?

Sketchy is new to the MCAT world, but they’ve been a dominant force in medical licensure exam prep for several years. If you’re tuned in to med student forums, Discord servers, or other spaces, you’ve probably heard about them already. 

Sketchy’s memorization tools and their approach to building resources that use the Method of Loci have quite literally changed the game for students struggling to memorize the sheer breadth and depth of content tested on the USMLE (medical licensure exams). They’ve just recently moved into the MCAT space, ready to bring students relief and much-needed support as they navigate content review.

Blueprint X Sketchy: Changing the Way You Prep

From practice exams famous for being as close to the official AAMC test as you can find, high-yield MCAT flashcards, and results-driven MCAT courses, Blueprint is THE go-to resource for all things MCAT. We’re always searching for ways we can enhance the experiences of our students and get them ready for the MCAT with maximum efficiency. 

Many students already have a strong foundation in content and in critical thinking, but they need something to take their recall and memorization skills to the next level in between practice tests. This inspired our partnership with Sketchy.

Is the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle right for me?

Even though the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle is a game-changer for MCAT students, we know it is not right for everybody. Some students will see a greater benefit from taking a full MCAT course or working through a tutoring program, especially if their MCAT is more than three months out or they are completely new to the MCAT.

Some examples of students that should consider the bundle are:

  • Students who have already done content review and are ready for that next step to test their knowledge and develop testing strategies.
  • Students who have already done content review but need a plan to target their weak areas.
  • Students who have hit score plateau and need help breaking through.
  • Students who have an MCAT coming up soon and cannot take a full MCAT course, but are already familiar with MCAT concepts.

If you’re at the point in your MCAT prep where you’ve decided that you need practice exams, you’re probably already familiar with the basics of the content tested on the MCAT. Alternately, you may be starting from a strong diagnostic score (or perhaps you’re a retaker) and you know you don’t need more comprehensive support, but you still want that boost to snag a few extra points. 

Either way, you’re looking to identify and fix the weaknesses in your MCAT studies. Exams are a fantastic tool to practice and understand why you missed individual questions. However, if an exam reveals a weakness and you’re using a constellation of different resources (i.e. lectures from one company, books from another, etc), you’ll end up wasting valuable time trying to find the relevant content across different resources.

Those kinds of resources—books, full lectures, class notes, etc—that teach basic content in a step-by-step format are probably not the right fit if you’re looking for something to boost your recall and retention in a few key areas. You need targeted preparation and you need it in a manageable format that you can customize to your needs. 

This is where the Blueprint MCAT exams, plus Sketchy’s proven method, come into play.

How Do I Use the Blueprint X Sketchy Bundle?

With Sketchy and Blueprint MCAT exams both included in the same easy-to-use Blueprint MCAT study plan, everything is neatly laid out for you so you don’t have to waste any time.

From day one you have your assessment and improvement resources in the same place, customized to your availability and exam date, and easy to rearrange to meet your needs. With this combination of resources, you have the tools you need to practice, review, analyze, target weaknesses, and review in a simple cycle you can use to rinse and repeat your way to a higher score. 

You’ll practice with Blueprint’s full-length exams that mimic the MCAT testing experience so closely, you’ll be ready for the real MCAT with confidence. You’ll review your results with powerful, in-depth analytics and exam explanations that clarify exactly what concepts you’re struggling to recall and work with. 

Then, you’ll dive into your Sketchy videos, which are designed to help you solidify your understanding of related concepts and recall them faster. These videos will take you on a thrilling adventure—either in a set order across the major subjects of the MCAT or in a targeted plan organized in the easy-to-adjust Blueprint study planner. It’s simple to tweak your schedule to fit around your life and your performance on future practice exams. 

With the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle, your journey to targeted, efficient MCAT  improvement is there and waiting for you. We’re so excited to be able to bring this partnership to life. If you’re at a point where you’re looking to get that extra edge by practicing efficiently and improving memory and speed of recall this bundle is the right choice for you.

Discover how the Blueprint X Sketchy bundle can help you prep for your MCAT coming up in less than 60 days!

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