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Biology and Biochem Workshop — February 2021

Most students taking the MCAT are some sort of bio major, or at least have a background in biology. Of course, many are also non-trads from non-science backgrounds. Either way, biology and biochemistry are still two pretty big hurdles for all MCAT students.

Content memorization, critical thinking, and ATP, oh my! There’s a ton of info students have to know in order to ace this section – so why not stop by for a crash course?! Check out our Bio/Biochemistry Workshop hosted by Blueprint MCAT expert instructors and see what you’re up against.

This free MCAT workshop is just a sample of what Blueprint students have access to on a daily basis. Blueprint MCAT Online Course and Blueprint Live Online students are both invited to daily Office Hours with our MCAT instructors to discuss a variety of topics or to participate in open discussions. If you’d like to get more free practice, sign-up for our Question of the Day emails or put your skills to the test with a free full-length MCAT practice test.