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April 2018 Build Your MCAT Study Plan

  • by Allison Chae
  • Apr 30, 2018
  • MCAT Blog, Premed Webinars, Webinar

One of the first steps any MCAT test-takers should take is building their MCAT study plan. It is a vital piece of your MCAT prep. Unfortunately, building an effective study plan can be both difficult and stressful. Phil Hawkins, one of Next Step’s top tutors and course instructors, led this free webinar session covering how to build an effective MCAT study plan.

During this session, Phil explained why your study plan is so important to your MCAT prep as well as the vital items your study plan should absolutely include. He explained the first steps, important questions you should be asking yourself as you set out to build your plan, and some common mistakes students make. He also led students through a walk-through of Next Step’s Study Planning Tool.

Anyone with a Next Step MCAT account can utilize our Study Planning Tool and build an effective MCAT study plan. Sign up for our Free MCAT Practice Bundle to receive your free MCAT exam, access to our Study Planning Tool, and more! Our Online MCAT Course includes all of the resources noted in our Study Planning Tool. To utilize all of these materials, you can sign up for our course here. Looking for something a little different? Our One-on-One MCAT Tutoring programs, most of which include full access to our online course, come with a completely customized study plan built by your expert MCAT tutor. You can learn more about our tutoring programs here.

If you’re just getting started with your MCAT prep, or you’re struggling to build an effective MCAT study plan, we highly recommend you watch a recording of the session below.

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