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Applying to Business School

applying to bschool
When applying to business school, there are certain characteristics and experiences that distinguish and qualify applicants in the business school admissions process. Unlike medical school or law school, there aren’t any so-called “pre-business requirements.” Instead, every business school has a unique set of qualities and characteristics that they look for in an applicant.

When applying to business school, every applicant should consider the following:

1. Leadership is crucial.

The term leadership is overused and misunderstood. To successfully demonstrate leadership on your application, you need to understand what leadership is, and demonstrate it correctly. To us, leadership is more than a position or a promotion. Leadership is realizing a need and stepping up to fill it. Leadership is the ability to take initiative. It is a certain confidence in your abilities, ideas, and even your flaws. It is the ability to motivate others and so on.

2. Diversity of experiences is very important.

By the above statement, we do not mean diverse in the sense of race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. We mean a diversity of experiences and perspectives. Business schools are not looking to fill their entire class with investment bankers or consultants or entrepreneurs. They are looking for special sets of skills and opinion and perspectives that add uniquely to the classroom and beyond.

3. Explain why you’re different.

How are your experiences at your employer different from everyone else’s? When applying to business school, you will be competing against thousands of students with similar backgrounds as yours. They will be coming from elite colleges. They will be coming from the same industry. They will have many of the same skills. So, when you are approaching your business school essays and application, it’s crucial that you answer these questions: Why are your experiences different or better? What have you done that others have not?

As business school admissions are becoming increasingly competitive, it’s important to understand what the schools are truly looking for in applicants. With this understanding, you must show, and not tell, that you have the characteristics and qualities that the schools to which you are applying are looking for.

This article was written by a business school admissions expert at InGenius Prep.

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