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3 Way to Make Your Medical Application Stand Out

  • by Allison Chae
  • Nov 07, 2014
  • MCAT Blog, MCAT Long Form, Med School Admissions

You’ve completed your pre-med academic requirements. You’ve worked hard for a good GPA and MCAT score. You’ve gathered your letters of recommendation and now it’s time to start your med school application. In order to get called in for an interview, you need to catch the eye of the admissions officer reading you. Here are three pieces of advice to make your application stand out:


1.    Show you care.
Part of being a doctor is treating the sick, so your application should demonstrate this. Participating in volunteer activities proves you care because you are giving back your time and effort to the community. It also shows your time management skills and work-life balance, as commitment to volunteering takes time out of your already busy scheduleVolunteer work can also add to your clinical experience if you volunteer in hospitals, doctors’ offices, or other medical facilities. If you’re looking for ideas on how to get involved, research medical missions in developing countries or your local hospital. This will also allow you to build your network, which is important in the medical community.


2.    Show leadership qualities.
Doctors are leaders in the medical field and in their communities. Thus, if you are an aspiring doctor, you need to demonstrate your leadership skills. Join pre-med school organizations, community groups, or academic clubs to show med school admissions officers that you are a leader. However, do not join a club solely to boost your resume. Get involved because you care. Admissions officers have read thousands of applications and will see right through your disingenuous actions. A true desire for helping others is an important quality to becoming a medical practitioner.


3.    Show your adventurous side.
The medical application includes 3 slots for “most meaningful experiences.” Ideally, two of the slots should be medical-related while the last slot should be something that shows your adventurous side. The point is to try to do something interesting that makes you unique and stand out a bit more than the other applicants. It does not have to be about how you joined the medical mission for Haiyan victims in the Philippines or deworm children in Africa. It can be an activity outside of the medical field that makes you who you are. What is something that makes you unique? Have you run a 100km race? Have you started a business? Have you won a spelling bee? It should be something that the admissions officer would find very interesting to tell their colleagues.


Though your academic achievements and experiences will give you an advantage on your medical application, how you bring these things to life will affect your admissions outcome. You have to write convincing personal statements and detail your experiences in a way make you stand out. Have your professors, family members, or mentors review your application essay. Be open to their comments and suggestions. 

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