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2018 PCAT Test Dates

We’ve got the inside scoop! Pearson has officially posted these PCAT dates. We know how much PCAT test-takers have been anticipating these upcoming PCAT testing windows.

Take a look at the 2018 PCAT testing dates below.

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There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing a PCAT testing date (and a lot of dates to choose from), so be sure that you are choosing your PCAT date wisely. You will want to consider:

1. Application Deadlines

Make sure you know the deadlines for submission! You will want to plan your PCAT date early enough that you can retake the exam if necessary and still get the results in on time.

2. A Prep Timeline

How much PCAT prep do you need and how long will it take? The average PCAT test-taker prepares for about 2-4 months before the exam, but that doesn’t mean that’s the right timeline for you. Not sure how long you’ll need? You can take a free full-length PCAT diagnostic exam by signing up for our Free PCAT Practice bundle here.

3. A Study Plan

How you plan to study is just as important as how long you plan to study. Next Step offers a comprehensive Online PCAT Course as well as One-on-One PCAT Tutoring packages (which include access to the full online course). If you’re not sure which prep is best for you or want to learn more about how Next Step can help you succeed on Test Day, set up a free, no obligations consultation with one of our experienced Academic Managers.

Make your decision wisely, but don’t wait too long. You can view the registration opening dates (and some details on how to register) in our blog post here. Keep an eye out in early March for even more PCAT registration details so that you can register for your preferred 2018 PCAT test date as soon as possible! The PCAT seats on a first-come, first-served basis and you don’t want to miss out on your preferred date or test center because you put off the decision.

Good Luck!

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