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2018-19 PCAT Registration Dates

by Sophia Stone

If you’re looking ahead to apply to pharmacy school in 2018-19 but don’t know when, where, or how to register for the PCAT, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s everything you need to know to sign up and reserve your spot for the 2018 PCAT dates.


You, future Pharm.D.!

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The official testing windows will be published on the Pearson registration website in early March, and registration will open on April 2, 2018 for the July and September testing windows.

There will be five PCAT testing windows in 2018-19. NOTE: April PCAT dates were announced in December. Click here for info on April dates, but check out the other PCAT test dates below:

You might be wondering when is the best time to take the PCAT. Well, the earlier the better: if you test in July, this allows you to apply early to pharmacy school and may improve your chances of getting an interview. In addition, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule a retake if you don’t do as well as you had hoped. Be sure to keep an eye on the application deadlines for each school you are applying to when they are updated for 2018.


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Signing up for the PCAT is actually a two-step process

  1. First, you must register with Pearson (so they know who you are!) at Pearson’s PCAT Registration Portal here.
  2. Then, you must schedule your PCAT for your preferred location and time with the Pearson VUE Test Center here (select Academic/Admissions and then select PCAT).

How (To Register)

To register for the PCAT, do the following:

  1. Navigate to and select “Log In.”
  2. Select “Create User Account” and log in.
  3. Click the “Registration” tab.
  4. Select the correct testing window (July, September, October/November, January, or February).
  5. Indicate the pharmacy programs to which you would like your scores to be sent (note that most schools participate in PharmCAS, so selecting PharmCAS – Code 104 will count for all programs that are PharmCAS members).
  6. Submit your personal and payment information when registering (use your full name as it appears on the IDs you will bring to the testing center on Test Day).
  7. Check for a Registration Confirmation in your email inbox.

Here are some tips that will make this process even easier:


First of all, the earlier you register for the PCAT, the better your chances of securing your desired testing location and date. There are morning and afternoon time slots available at most testing centers (which you can use to your advantage if you know you’re not a morning person!), and expect your exam to take up to 4 hours. You can see Pearson testing center locations here to find one that’s convenient for you.

Track Important Dates

Above all, make sure you keep track of important registration deadlines and the associated fees. If you register for the PCAT by the early registration deadline, the registration fee is $210, but if you register by the late registration deadline, you may have to pay an added $49 fee (these values are subject to change). Be aware of pharmacy program application deadlines as well so that you take your PCAT and submit your PharmCAS application in advance of these deadlines – remember, the sooner you apply, the less you’ll have to worry about later!

Accomodations Take Time

If you think you might need testing accommodations, you will need to gain approval from Pearson Customer Relations ( or 1-800-622-3231) while registering, not after you’ve registered. Once you’ve registered, then you can call Pearson VUE Accommodations at 1-800-466-0450 to schedule your exam at a Pearson Test Center.

How (To Schedule)

After you’ve registered with Pearson, you’ll need to schedule your seat at a testing center. Once you’ve received your Registration Confirmation by email:

  1. Navigate to and select “Schedule Online.”
  2. Select “Create a Web Account” and enter your first and last name and the PCAT CID (Candidate Identification Number) that appears on your registration confirmation.
  3. Create a username and password.
  4. Select “PCAT: Pharmacy College Admissions Test.”
  5. Select “Schedule This Exam.”
  6. Find a testing center, date, and time that works best for you – and don’t forget to double-check your calendar!
  7. Check for a PCAT Scheduling Confirmation in your email inbox with the date and time, location, directions, and test center rules. Make sure to print this out to bring with you on Test Day.


For realistic practice with the online PCAT interface, try a free PCAT Practice Test so you know exactly what to expect on Test Day. If you still aren’t sure about how to prepare for your PCAT, you can always schedule a free consultation with a PCAT expert or call 1-888-530-NEXT to help you get started.


Because you’re going to be an amazing pharmacist one day, and you deserve to be as prepared as possible for Test Day.

For more information on signing up for the 2018 PCAT dates, you can find registration instructions here and scheduling instructions here.

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