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The Final Countdown: December LSAT Study Plan for the Last Two Weeks

As of today, we have two weeks until the December LSAT. These are going to be the two most important weeks of your LSAT prep.

The next week should be all about working on your weaknesses. So enjoy your turkey and stuffing, but make sure you suffer from less of a food coma and more of a food nap.

If you’re struggling with the Logic Games section, you should revisit the games that gave you a hard time in the past. You’ll want to redo these games using the correct approach until you’ve got them pretty much memorized.

While you won’t see the exact same game on your LSAT, the odds are good that you’ll see one very similar. So, if you get these tough games down, the deductions you’ll be making on your actual LSAT will look very familiar.

Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.

If you’re having a rough time with Logical Reasoning, refresh the fundamental Logical Reasoning skills. You need to have diagramming mastered, know your LSAT flaws, and know how to break down arguments into premises and conclusions. Any deficiencies in these fundamental skills will keep you from doing your best on your Logical Reasoning sections.

Finally, if you have weaknesses in Reading Comprehension, you need to make sure you’re looking for the structures they like to ask about on the LSAT. This means you’re actively looking for examples, causal claims, problems, solutions, definitions, studies, and questions/answers. Spotting these structures will allow you to anticipate the answers to the questions typically asked on the Reading Comprehension section. If you train yourself to see only structure, and not topic, Reading Comprehension will become much easier.

The last week before the December LSAT will be mostly about getting plenty of rest. You really need to reduce the amount of studying you’re doing. You cannot cram for the LSAT. At the very least, you should take the day before the December LSAT off. Taking a break will help you feel a bit more relaxed and confident on the day of the test.

So this week, work on your weaknesses, and remember to take it easy during the last week.

Keep up the hard work, and good luck!