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Thanksgiving Break: The Peak of Law School Applications

Thanksgiving really needs a schtick.

Christmas has presents. And Jesus. Easter has an egg hunt. And Jesus. Halloween has trick or treating. Not so much Jesus with that one.

What does Thanksgiving have? Turkey, football and a parade. But so does pretty much every other holiday (maybe switch football for another seasonal sport).

What do I have to fill the gap and make Thanksgiving a holiday as widely revered as its more famous brethren? Well, nothing good. So let’s finish up those law school applications until I come up with something better for next year!

First things first, Thanksgiving is traditionally the week during which the “peak” of the law school application season falls. Students have a few days off; they want to avoid their family, and they want to ride out the rest of their senior year in an epic series of drunken bad decisions. If you can get your applications in this week, you’re in with the rest of the pack. If you can’t, you’re behind the pack. I didn’t study group dynamics in ruminant species, but I don’t think that’s a good place to be.

For those of you expecting to see some letters of recommendation show up (because hey, the professors have the week off too, right?), don’t count on it. They’ve been looking forward to this time off as much as anyone. They’re pretty slow at getting LoRs in to begin with, and the holidays only makes it worse. Don’t bug them this week, or they might drag their feet even more.

So what can you do?

Fill out those boring forms. Typing your name, address and every job you’ve held over the past ten years should go by easier in your turkey-induced stupor.

Check each application again to make sure they don’t have any unique requirements (Dean’s certs, extra essays, DNA sample, etc.).

Finish those essays. You’ve got family around. Tell them you’re thankful for a full audience to give you a final critique of your essays. Do it before the turkey, though, so they’ll have to stay.

Beg Mom and Dad for a few extra dollars for application fees. Even if you received fee waivers, you still have to pay for all that beer for the second half of your senior year, don’t you?

And, last but not least, relax. You’ve been through the LSAT, dozens of drafts of dozens of essays, and probably a few midterms or finals. Enjoy the time off, enjoy the company of your family, and enjoy the home-cooked food. All three are in short supply at law school.

So get to it! I’ll work on something amazing for next year’s Thanksgiving. Maybe something with alcohol. Oh, and Jesus.