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Skip wisely: Logical Reasoning

One of the most important skills for the LSAT is section management, meaning timing the section to maximize your score.  In Logical Reasoning, it pays to be aware the pattern of difficulty that recurs from test to test.

In short, the test starts easy, gets harder, goes back to easy/medium difficulty right around the middle, then has another peak that drops down to easy for the last 2-3 questions.

How can this help you?

  • Be aware that there are several questions at the end of the section that are much easier than others.  The test-makers put these here to reward students that finish, but they also reward savvy test-takers that know to go to the last few questions before tackling time-consuming question types like parallel reasoning
  • Know that while the questions get harder on average, if there is a tough question early on (questions 6-10), you can safely skip knowing that there will be lower-hanging fruit.   Get the easy points and come back to more difficult questions
  • Even if you believe that you can get to all of the questions, make sure to follow this strategy to give yourself the maximum possible time to complete time-consuming questions like parallel reasoning