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Most Important Part of February LSAT Prep: Take Today Off

Put that LSAT practice test down, close your LSAT books, and wipe the LSAT dust from your eyes. With less than 24 hours to go until the February 2012 LSAT, study time is over. The past two months may have flown by in a dazed whirlwind of LSAT preparation, but game day fast approaches. You’ve prepared as much as possible, and any additional study today will simply be counterproductive, more likely to lead to burnout and LSAT apathy than improvement. At this point in the game, it’s most important that you enter LSAT test day refreshed and recharged – so instead of trying to cram in a few additional hours of study, take the day off.

That’s right. Today may be the first day that you have to actually force yourself not to study. Stay home from work, skip school, and whatever you do, abstain from LSAT study entirely, a surprisingly hard feat for some. No PEs, no games, not even just a few LR problems. Today is your day off. You’ve earned it. So relax and enjoy.

It’s R&R day. Instead of studying: go get a massage; treat yourself to a delicious meal (or 3); exercise – nothing that will leave you sore tomorrow, just enough to get your blood flowing; engage in romantic activities; enjoy some sunshine (those of you lucky to live in beautiful California, and not some snowy wasteland); sleep, nap, sleep. At least that’s my ideal pre-test day. You should do whatever you like to relax, whether that be maxing out your credit cards in a Kardashian-inspired shopping spree or just staying in your PJs all day watching reruns of House and eating pints of Ben and Jerry’s. Spoil yourself. It’s just one day, and it’s for a good cause.

Put the real world on hold for a day, let your stresses slide away, and kick back. Well first, make sure you quickly check that you have everything ready for LSAT test day tomorrow, and then try to forget about the LSAT for the rest of the day. Stressing about the test the day before you take it is not helpful. And trying not to stress will just make you stress about stressing (a vicious cycle), so you’re best bet is to distract yourself with delicious things and enjoyable experiences.

You can, and will, stress about your score immediately after the test. As soon as you get home tomorrow, be sure to check in at Most Strongly Supported for an instant recap. (Here’s the one from the December LSAT.) But for the rest of today, pretend like the LSAT doesn’t exist.

And then rock it tomorrow. Good luck.