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Logical Reasonings

A) Los Angeles decided to increase fines for playing with Frisbees and footballs on the beach. Also, no running, no sandcastles, definitely no swimming, and absolutely positively no smiling under any circumstances. CBS Los Angeles.

B) Obama frees 10 states of No Child Left Behind. Next up: A worldwide ban on Frisbees and footballs. Associated Press.

C) Two law school students who flunked out of Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law are suing over the grades that led to their dismissal. And they will sue their own lawyer if they don’t win the case. National Law Journal.

D) A man in Minnesota gets a DWI for driving a Zamboni drunk. Police said they were suspicious that alcohol was involved when they spotted him driving 5 in a 70. The Smoking Gun.

E) Hey, let’s catch up on Macaulay Culkin! See what he’s up to! Find out–AHHH! ET Online.