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Logical Reasonings

A. A new year means new laws for many states. One the most prominent new laws is the legalization of marijuana in California, where the first legal bag of weed was purchased by a former federal prosecutor. Green State

B. But it’s not just pot. Here’s a rundown of the many new laws being enacted by states across the nation. CNN

C. Meanwhile, Sessions is doing away with some regulations and recommendations the DOJ passed before his tenure, like not slapping poor defendants over the head with fees and fines. Washington Post

D. There’s a class action brewing around the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, a way many long-time public sector attorneys pay off their student loans. CNN Money

E. Matthew Riehl, the gunman who livestreamed his ambush of law enforcement agents, was a former Wyoming Law student. In fact, Wyoming Law warned its students of Riehl after Riehl made several threatening posts on Facebook in November.