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Logical Reasonings

A. Our Christmakwanzakah Winter Solstice Day of Non-denominational Merry-Making Sale has begun. We’re offering a 40% our Logic Games and Reading Comp books on Amazon until Monday at 11:59 pm PST. Blueprint LSAT

B. We’re also discounting our our in-person Winter, Spring, or Summer classroom course with the code HOLIDAY200. Blueprint LSAT

C. Oh, and unlike Macy’s today, you can use your credit cards to take advantage of those great discounts. CNBC

D. More like Bleak Friday for Eric, Jared, Jefferson, and Donald. All evidence is pointing towards Mueller getting Michael Flynn to cooperate and perhaps even testify against higher ups in the Trump campaign. NY Times

E. If you want to base your decision to go to law school on an (actually really astute) flow chart, you are in luck today, my friends. Above the Law