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How to Prepare for the February 2011 LSAT

How to Prepare for the February 2011 LSAT
Yesterday was January 23rd, which was a pretty big deal if you celebrate Bounty Day. It also was an important day if you’re planning on taking the February 2011 LSAT, because it was the last day to postpone your test with a clean record and a partial refund. As of today, you’re officially in it to win it.

Counting today, you have 19 days of study left. That’s not counting the day of the LSAT. And you really shouldn’t do any studying the day before the test, so it’s more like 18. And are you reading this at the end of the day? Then it’s more like 17. But don’t panic or anything. By now, you should be pretty well along in your studies. These next two-and-change weeks should be devoted to really mastering the concepts that you’ve already got down, and getting used to taking tests.

To help with this goal, you should make sure your tests are realistic. Take them in the morning in a place that’s similar to a testing room. You should be exposed to mild distractions, but no full-on conversations (university libraries are pretty good). You have to practice in a similar manner to the manner in which you play so that test-day feels familiar and stress-free.

Make sure to review your tests. Like, really review them. Tons of people neglect to really do this. It’s easy to look at the ones you miss, say oh well, and then move on to more important things like watching Alf reruns. But you absolutely have to review the tests, in depth. If you figure out why you missed the ones you did, you’ll be much less likely to do so the next time around. There’s still lots of time to make big improvements by February if you do this.

Also, a couple things about getting your score. First of all, that’s all you’re going to get – the February LSAT is in some ways the most frustrating, because you never get to see why you got the score you got. Not that it matters in the scheme of things, but still. However, if you’re applying for admission this (2011) fall, then you need to be ready to fire off applications the day you get your score back. You’re applying late, and for some schools it’s too late, but the sooner you apply to the one’s that’ll take you, the better. If, however, you’re applying this (2011) fall for admission next (2012) fall, then you can spend the next few months after the LSAT running marathons (or something).

Now get back to studying! 17 days!