Four LSAT Prep Study Tips for MLK Day Weekend

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    With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coming up Monday, today, for most people, is the start of a long weekend. If you’re prepping for the February LSAT (three weeks away!), you need to spend this time wisely. Here are some tips:

    Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #1: Don’t worry about your practice LSAT scores

    This is not the time to dwell on your practice LSAT scores. You are still about two weeks away from your best. I’ve seen plenty of students make double digit jumps in their practice LSAT scores during this time. So don’t freak out about not being above the median at Harvard just yet. Such worrying will only distract you from what you really should be doing: practicing.

    Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #2: Work on your weaknesses

    By now you should have a pretty good idea about your weak spots. Whatever your LSAT weaknesses are, make a deal with yourself to fix them this weekend.

    I’ve rounded up some links from the LSAT blog that should help:

    If you need to work on your diagraming, Aaron Cohn has some LSAT diagraming tips for you. By the way, Aaron has a 180 LSAT score. Once you’ve read Aaron’s advice, you should try this fun little LSAT diagraming quiz.

    If you’re struggling with the LSAT Reading Comprehension section, check out Laura Santoski’s post on four common LSAT Reading Comprehension mistakes.

    If you’re struggling with LSAT Logic Games, we’ve got you covered, too. Matt Shinners has an invaluable LSAT blog post that will help you make sense of LSAT Logic Games. You should start there. If you’re sick of LSAT Logic Games, but still need the practice, we have three other games that will help you improve your LSAT score.

    Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.

    Finally, everyone should check out Colin Elzie’s old post on how to work on your LSAT weaknesses.

    Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #3: Catch up on LSAT prep

    This weekend is your last chance to catch up on your LSAT prep. We say this all the time, but it’s worth repeating. You cannot cram for the LSAT. You have to put in hundreds of hours of careful practice. If you’re a Blueprint LSAT Prep student, this means you need to make sure all of your homework is done. I can’t stress this enough.

    Long Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #4: Take a day off, if you deserve it

    If you’re all caught up on your LSAT prep, then you do deserve to take a break. Take one day this weekend to have some fun. Don’t do anything you’ll have to explain in a law school “character and fitness” addendum, but let loose a bit. You definitely don’t need to take the whole weekend off. You’ll get your chance to relax, and let your brain rest a few days before the February LSAT. For now, you should still be working very hard toward your ideal LSAT score.

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