Flash Sale for Blueprint Classroom Courses Starts Now!

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    Save $300 on our live, in-person classroom courses in LA, San Diego, Boston, NY, and DC.

    Human beings who are planning to take the September 2017 LSAT: I don’t want to waste any of your time. Because, frankly, you don’t have a moment to spare. Not only because the test is nearly three months away at this point, but also because you now have a big decision to make, in a very short period of time.

    Your decision? Do you want to sign up with the best LSAT prep course in the biz? One where the average student makes an 11-point increase on the LSAT during the course? One where you’ll have the best online study resources on the market, with homework that adapts to your own mastery of the material, allowing you to study more efficiently and effectively than anyone else? One where classes are taught by instructors who are incredibly smart, funny, engaging, and, dare we say, sex symbols within the LSAT instructor community (low bar, but still). Do you want all of this, and to also save $300?

    Then sign up now for the following courses. Like, now now. Our flash sale begins today, Wednesday, June 14 at 9 am Pacific Time and will only run until Friday, June 16 at 9 am Pacific Time. You have 48 hours to save $300 on all these courses.

    Los Angeles: In sunny LA, we three courses qualifying for the flash sale, all in the beautiful neighborhood of Westwood. UCLA 3, which will start on June 17, will be taught by NYU and University of Michigan Law School alumna Sarah Pratter. UCLA Day 2, which will begin on June 27, will give students a chance to knock out LSAT class in the morning. That one will be taught by Ohio native Nick McIntosh, who brings a warmth and comfort to the classroom that only a true Midwestern can. And UCLA 4, which will commence on July 8, will be taught by Scott Redding, a master of the LSAT and an actual, real life poet.

    San Diego: Down south, San Diego 1 will also qualify for the flash sale. That class begins on June 17, and is taught by LSAT wunderkind Alexander Nabavi-Noori.

    Boston: Across the plains and northwards to Beantown, our Boston 1 course at Northeastern University, which also starts on June 17, qualifies for this sale. This class is taught by the follicly-gifted Jesse Tripathi, a Tufts man and all-around LSAT savage.

    New York: Down to New York, our New York 2 class will begin on June 17, and will be taught by Columbia grad Julien Hawthorne.

    Washington D.C.: And down still in our nation’s capital, our Washington DC 2 course will start on June 18, and will be taught by Maria LaBelle, who has been taking LSATs since she was in high school. If Maria can’t make you enthusiastic about crushing this exam, no one can.

    So sign up within the next 48 hours to take advantage of this super rare flash sale!

    And if you’re located elsewhere in this great country, may we suggest signing up for the following classes? They’re not eligible for the flash sale, but they are still the best LSAT courses around.

    Northridge: Our Northridge 1 class is taught by LSAT instructor, science fiction author, and all around higher-education expert Branden Frankel. This begins on June 17, and there are fewer than 10 spaces available, so sign up soon to reserve your spot!

    Chicago: Our Chicago 1 class will begin on June 17, and is taught by Tommy Maranges, who got a 178 on his LSAT, which is made all the more impressive by how well adjusted he seems.

    Washington D.C.: And if any D.C. denizens would like to get a (slightly) earlier start on the LSAT, Matt Lamb’s Washington D.C. 1 class begins on June 17. There are fewer than 10 spaces available in this one, so act soon!

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