February 2011 LSAT Checklist

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    February 2011 LSAT Checklist

    There are 12 days until the February LSAT. This might cause some panicky stress, but it should also be exciting – you’re only 12 days away from being done with what probably is the hardest test you will ever take. As you go into these last days, you should be studying a good deal, but there are some other things that you shouldn’t forget about. So don’t neglect to do the following:

    Test Center Run-Through – You should actually go to wherever you’ll be taking the test and get a feel for the place. If you can, do this on Saturday morning. If you leave at the same time that you’ll be leaving on the day of the LSAT, you can get a feel for what traffic will be like. Also, make sure you have good driving directions, and alternate routes (it would be pretty much the worst thing ever if you missed the test simply because you got lost). When you get to the testing center, find multiple parking opportunities. And find the room you’ll be reporting to as well.

    Documents – If you haven’t done so already, print out your admission ticket. Make sure your name on the ticket matches your name on your ID exactly. While you’re at it, make sure your driver’s license or passport isn’t expired or anything. Also, the night before the test check to see if the location has changed on your ticket (if it has, you’ll have to print a new one).

    Warm-Up – If you’re doing warm-up before the test, go ahead and get it together now. Doing 10 or so easy LR questions and a fairly simple game is usually a good way to go. But you can’t bring it in to the testing center, so you’ll either have to leave it in your car or just throw it away. Get to your center early enough to do the warm-up before check-in.

    Goodie Bag – Everything you take into the LSAT has to be in a 1-gallon clear Ziploc bag. Go ahead and get that assembled now. You’ll need wooden pencils, a sharpener, your snack and drink, your admission ticket, and anything else that you need that you’re allowed (such as tissues or medicine). But nearly everything else is prohibited, including cell phones, purses, and hats. Read over all the LSAT guidelines, and follow them to the letter.

    Study – Keep it up. We’re just 12 days away, but that’s enough time to see some real improvement, and to hone and sharpen the skills that you’ve acquired thus far.

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