Caption Contest: Win a Free Blueprint LSAT Prep T-Shirt

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    You’re wearing that today?

    No worries. Blueprint is tops in the game when it comes to LSAT prep, but now we’re doing our part to help students with their wardrobes.

    Here on the LSAT blog, we’re giving away two free Blueprint t-shirts to whoever writes the best caption for the above photo. We’re giving one shirt to someone taking the October LSAT, and one shirt to someone taking the December LSAT — so be sure to indicate in your post which exam you plan to take.

    The key is to write a caption that’s funny and somehow relates to law school or the LSAT. Keep in mind, all comments have to be approved by a moderator. Any posts in the neighborhood of being offensive will be deleted. Also, you can submit up to three entries. Any more after that will not be approved.

    To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, here’s an old example of a caption contest we ran on the LSAT blog.

    Winners will be announced next week right here on the LSAT blog. We will then contact the two winners to get their size and address and what-not.

    Enough chatter. Get to captioning!

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