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Blueprint LSAT Prep Expanding to Boston for the June 2011 LSAT

Blueprint LSAT Prep Expanding to Boston
This spring, Blueprint will begin bringing its LSAT tutelage to Boston, MA, home of the Red Sox and thousands of drunken Irishmen.

Blueprint’s LSAT class will be located on the Boston University Campus, which makes it convenient for not only BU students, but also Harvard, Tufts, Northeastern and Boston College students. The class will be taught by LSAT master Adam Unger, who travels north from Florida to bring his 174 LSAT score and tremendous teaching abilities to bear on the LSAT students of Boston.

Blueprint’s LSAT course is the cheapest of the major test prep companies at $1225, has the most hours of live instruction of the major companies at 100 hours, and pays its instructors more than the major prep companies at $60/hr. In Boston, the classes for the June and October LSAT classes will be our first LSAT classes in the area, so Adam will be providing a huge amount of personal attention to every single LSAT student in the class to make sure it’s an awesome experience..

To put it in other words, that means that in our Boston LSAT courses, Adam will be able to ensure that every student who comes to class is effectively engaged throughout the LSAT course.

Check out Blueprint’s Boston LSAT course schedule if you’re interested in the Boston LSAT class. Do it now.