7 Days Left to Submit to Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Video Contest

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    Alright, procrastinators. This LSAT blog post is for you.

    Blueprint LSAT Prep is giving away a free LSAT course via a video contest called “Shoot a PSA, Win a Free Blueprint LSAT Prep Course,” but you only have a week left to enter. Here’s what to do:

    1: Visit and “like” the Blueprint LSAT Prep Facebook page.

    2: Click the “Contests” tab (or the forthcoming link) to get to the contest page.

    3: Register for the video contest.

    4: Upload your submission.

    5: Receive votes and win stuff.

    6: Take your free Blueprint LSAT Prep class.

    7: Crush the LSAT.

    8: Get into your dream law school.

    9: Graduate from your dream law school.

    10: Live happily ever after.

    Piece of cake, right? Exactly.

    Facebook Contest 2013

    Now, your video should be in the style of a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) that warns viewers of the “dangers” of self-studying for the LSAT. Think “This is your brain on drugs,” but substitute “self-studying for the LSAT” for “drugs.” All videos will be voted on, but ultimately the most original, best-executed submission will win the free Blueprint LSAT Prep course (or $300 cash prize substitute). We’re also giving away $400 off a Blueprint LSAT Prep course for second place (or $100 cash prize substitute) and a free t-shirt and keychain for third place.

    If you need some inspiration, check out the sample PSAs on our older LSAT blog posts here and here. Or just visit YouTube to watch other examples.

    Time is running out, so if you want a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course, get your camera and start shooting your anti-self-study PSA today!

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