Dr. David Delnegro

David is a very energetic, resourceful and resilient individual who pulls from a large toolbox of skills to help his students succeed in classes, exams, and challenging life problems. Many of his own experiences have been shaped by an almost seven-year career in Emergency Medical Services and disaster training. He has taught and tutored both the MCAT and the USMLE step exams employed as a freelance individual, a university employee, and for private companies. David also has additional mentorship experience during his time as EMS Sargent and Crew Chief. During his preclinical years, he founded a student organization that collected, edited and wrote new PowerPoint presentations so that second-year students for each class could have access to a bank of materials to use to tutor and teach the incoming first years. By providing his students with clear direction, goals, and expectations, David takes the guesswork out of study plans. A former MCAT practice material writer for Examkrackers, David has an advanced insight into the way tests and questions are designed and edited. He lives for seeing the look on his student’s eyes when the light bulb pops above their head and is excited to bring a unique blend of humor, organization, and creativity to help you tackle any problem that comes your way. While David only tutors for the USMLEs, he heads our MCAT content creation team.