Abbey Landini

MCAT Score: 520
Education: Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine (Class of 2027); Indiana University, Chemistry and Spanish (Class of 2022).

Abbey believes the key to success on the MCAT is confidence—if she can run her own baking business and make 500+ cinnamon rolls in one summer, then you can score 500+ on the MCAT! Abbey loves to break down complex concepts and passages in ways that are approachable for students. Abbey served as an associate instructor in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry before joining Blueprint as an instructor and tutor in 2022. Abbey has also joined the battle against antimicrobial resistance in an infectious disease lab and worked as a patient care tech in a medical-surgical unit. She is training for her third marathon, dabbling in sourdough baking, and traveling as much as possible before matriculating at Feinberg School of Medicine in August 2023.